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Exciting, practical, relevant and slick. Do this course! Naomi Sesay’s Swiipe Wealth platform is a must have if you are looking to take your journey to financial freedom seriously. Ten modules generously packed with knowledge covering every possible aspect from the mindset you need, to in depth practical advice, ready to be adapted to your business. Off the charts value and not to be missed!
Eunika Adams
Project Manger
Another stellar course... I first studied under and have now worked with Naomi for almost twenty years. She has always been totally in tune with the challenges facing people in the world. She is an impassioned speaker whose thoughts turn into powerful words providing both insight and actions that are so relevant to where we find ourselves within the current crisis. This course took me to another stage in my life.
Geoffrey Arnold
Former Tax Inspector/Author
Naomi focuses on you as a person I was first introduced to Naomi via the Channel 4 Commissioning Mentor scheme, and my time with her has been invaluable. Prior to meeting Naomi, I was at a bit of a loss. Naomi helped me on a personal level, developing my communication skills and pursuing my goals. She is attentive and really focuses on you as a person. I have had so many opportunities this year thanks to her mentoring and feedback, and next year is looking very positive for my career development.
Samantha Carty
Senior Casting Producer
12 years on and I am still so very grateful to you for inspiring me on that 3 hour financial freedom course for women. I went on to own £1.5 million in property from a standing start of £30,000 debt courtesy of my marriage break up. You are amazing.
Nicola Baker
Property Investor