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· December 15, 2016

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Course Description

Swiipe wealth is a unique course that combines active wealth creation and personal development. It reveals insights, scientifically verified, to reveal why some people are very good at creating wealth, and others feel stuck and limited.

Swiipe Wealth is dedicated to assist you in creating amazing online courses that sell. We walk with you toward your financial security.

  • Do you have a powerful desire to live the life you know you are capable of creating?
  • Are you frustrated that you have no time to create that life?
  • Are you frustrated that you have no seed capital to kickstart an investment or a business?
  • Do you believe your skills, talent and expertise can create income?
  • Would knowing that your business can run without you, give you peace of mind?
  • Are you ready to start your own system that can net you 10K per month?

This course will assist you in creating that wealth mindset, discovering your wealth flow and and helping you create wealth using your own talents, skills, experience and expertise. This course is practical and hands on . By the end of the five weeks, you should be clear of what your online course should look like, and feel like and you will be able to work that system and begin your first steps toward financial stability.

Best of all you will be joining a group of wealth creators, on our private community platform who you can connect and liaise with during your Business build.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Discovering Your Wealth Potential
  • Creating your online course for passive income
  • Brand and Launch
  • Creating income on the community platform

Ready. Steady, Let’s begin…

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Course Includes

  • 10 Modules
  • 116 Topics