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A Wealth Transfer is  On The Horizon

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been inundated with request. Requests for keynote speeches, requests for training and requests for workshops. As a Public Speaker on Diversity & Inclusion, my answer is always the same and always universal: change the map of our hardwired habitual behaviours and we change the reality in which we live. 

This basic principle is also true when we set off to create a powerful Online Business! And it is right here where most of us are missing a trick! Probably the most important trick of all...

Everyone knows where the power lies in our communities.

Yep, it's where the money runs deep.

Those who are willing to think differently about HOW they create their online business and their income, find they gain much more than they originally anticipated. There are many online courses showing you how to create an online course, but many fail because of the biggest obstacle stopping you in your tracks.

Online education is THE new real estate business

You see, we know that the world of online education is exploding exponentially. In fact the E-Learning market is set to be worth

a whopping £300BN by 2026. 

That's a 53% increase from 2019. Your only task is to prepare yourself for a wealth transfer. DO IT NOW and you will be in a financially secure place in 5 years time.

Financial Freedom Is NOT an Option. 

It's a MUST!


Self-made millionaires and wealthy individuals  know one thing; how to make money work for them so they don't have to work for money. It's not about being privileged, it's about being smart and having the know-how.

Unfortunately, our current education system doesn't teach us how to be entrepreneurs or how to be financially secure. Instead it teaches us how to become employees and work for other people.


Wouldn't you want to be taught how to create your own powerfully automated online system which you create from your passion, your skills, expertise and talent? Wouldn't it be great to have control over how much you make per month and what you produce creatively? Wouldn't it be great to automatically scale your system so you can use your most precious asset constructively  - Time?

Exciting, practical, relevant and slick. Do this course! Naomi Sesay’s Swiipe Wealth platform is a must have if you are looking to take your journey to financial freedom seriously. Ten modules generously packed with knowledge covering every possible aspect from the mindset you need, to in depth practical advice, ready to be adapted to your business. Off the charts value and not to be missed!

Eunika Adams

Founder of missminted.com

Another stellar course... I first studied under and have now worked with Naomi for almost twenty years. She has always been totally in tune with the challenges facing people in the world. She is an impassioned speaker whose thoughts turn into powerful words providing both insight and actions that are so relevant to where we find ourselves within the current crisis. This course took me to another stage in my life.

Geoffrey Arnold

Former Tax Inspector/Author

Naomi focuses on you as a person I was first introduced to Naomi via the Channel 4 Commissioning Mentor scheme, and my time with her has been invaluable. Prior to meeting Naomi, I was at a bit of a loss. Naomi helped me on a personal level, developing my communication skills and pursuing my goals. She is attentive and really focuses on you as a person. I have had so many opportunities this year thanks to her mentoring and feedback, and next year is looking very positive for my career development.

Samantha Carty

Senior Casting Producer

I Am Going To Explain To You The Single Most Important Thing ALL Self Made Millionaires Do.

It May Surprise You

It's a practice that I stumble upon back in 2004 when I first started my wealth creation journey. But I'm not the only one. You do it too, without even realising it.

I Was Floored By The Corona Virus! Then I had a Blinding Revelation

In April, my family and I contracted the deadly corona virus. Yep, including my 82 year old mother who suffers from Dementia.

It was a truly nasty experience. I am the type of person who NEVER gets ill so I had forgotten what it was like to be sick. I felt sorry for my extremely healthy and fit sons who went through it first. Then I felt sorry for my mother who had no idea what had hit her.  Finally, I felt sorry for myself because not only did the damn virus hurt, I felt sorry that I could no longer get out there and deliver my keynote speeches any more and to top it all off, all that extra income just vanished and there was no furlough for me!

Covid 19 makes you feel hopeless as well as helpless. It not only messes with your body, it also messes with one's state of mind. I found myself wondering, 'Now, what do I do with my life?'

And then it hit me.- I wasn't worried about money or where it was coming from. I wasn't worried about mortgage payments or electricity  bills or gas bills.  In fact, regarding my finances, I had a peaceful state of mind because ALL my bills were covered by my PASSIVE INCOME. 

I am absolutely certain this was a big factor which allowed me to recover so quickly; I had no money stress! We all know stress is a killer. It took 10 days to stop hurting and another few weeks to feel like my normal self. I've had streams of passive income since 2004 and never really thought about the true implications. It took Covid 19 to make me really understand and appreciate my situation... I am Financially Secure. I don't HAVE to work for anyone. This is what an online course can do for you.

Time Is A Priceless Gift From Financial Security

For me, financial security means having my most precious asset at my fingertips: Time. Time to think about what I really want to do in life. Time to spend with my children. Time to look after my mother. Time to create more value in my life and that of others and time to give back.

Remember When I said I had Stumbled upon A Practice back in 2004?

In truth, I had only applied that practice to wealth creation, in that year, even though I had been doing it all my life. It was the fact that I had applied this practice to wealth creation that made all the difference.

30k in 90 minutes!

I've known for a very long time that we are far more powerful than what we have been conditioned to believe. I practise it. It is THIS practice that I want to share with you, because...


I am going to show you how to create your own online course that sustainably sells

It's about time that we all sang from the same page. With the Covid 19 pandemic running rampant in the world and global social unrest gaining momentum, it's definitely time to work together and it's definitely time to support each other.

A wealth transfer is on the horizon, and you definitely have what it takes to claim your portion, for yourself and your family. This is why I feel compelled to share this information with you.

So here it is...

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True Wealth: Hidden in Plain Sight

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Watch this webinar and then apply what you've learnt when you create your online course. I'll be with you every step of the way. Right up to 2026.

In this webinar, I will reveal to you the process that you can use every day of your life to create the most exciting, most compelling ONLINE COURSE - ever! This is the process that cements success. After you watch the video, I shall be inviting you, along with 200 people to create your own Online Course that sells. 

Welcome to: True Wealth - Hidden In Plain Sight

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Just hit the button below and start your webinar now. You will recognise that you are far more powerful than what you've been conditioned to believe. Whatever the case, I wish you immense Online success.

Naomi Sesay

Keynote Speaker/Wealth Creator

About Naomi Sesay

With over 20 years’ experience in television and media, Naomi Sesay has devoted her career to serving as a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion, and  trail-blazer for social enterprise.

Naomi quickly became a successful property investor, mentor and trainer within the wealth creation arena. Naomi attributes much of her business success to a new approach towards social enterprise.

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P.S.: What if? What if this year had a silver lining? What if this year wasn't a write off? In fact, what if this year showed us the greatest wealth creation tool known to humankind?

Furthermore, what if YOU used it?

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